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Originally commissioned in 2312, Deep Space 17 is a starbase located in the Ithassa Region close to Gorn and Tholian space, and nearby to a neutron star by the name of Eratis. The station was abandoned for several decades until the USS Wallace was assigned to restore the outpost to active service. It had been previously abandoned in 2373 during the Dominion War, as Starfleet wanted to direct their efforts elsewhere.

The station has suffered several dramas over the course since its recommissioning, with a deliberate attack on the USS Wallace during a shore leave in mid-2382. As more and more of the craft assigned to the Ithassa Region have come over the course of the years between 2382 and 2383, it has become a central hub and main base facility for the USS Wallace up through its decomissioning, as well as the USS Independence, USS Triumphant, and USS Ursa Major, as well as the recommissioned USS Ronin.

In late 2383, the starbase was nearly destroyed by an invasion fleet launched by the Gorn Confederacy and took massive damage to its external and internal structure. The crew of the late USS Independence took up residence at the station between ship assignments until the end of 2383, beginning of 2384 to help aid in the repair of the station, along with help from both the crews of the USS Triumphant and USS Ursa Major.

On stardate 238604.06, the station was severely bombed in an unprovoked attack by Grendellai and Ixvapyan forces. The USS Phoenix-C was also stolen on that date. Following the attack, several smaller bombs continued to be found, not always in time to be disarmed, for a number of months.

On stardate 238706.16, the station was captured by the Vaadwaur after the Second Battle of Eratis. Because the Ithassa Taskforce was not able to assault the station directly, DS17 was in enemy hands for three months during the Vaadwaur Occupation. Starfleet later recaptured the station on stardate 238709.19 through Operation Bright Star.

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